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Welcome to Oakbridge. We are an independent Jersey-based provider of Corporate and Fund Administration services.

A brief history

Oakbridge was established over a decade ago to provide an in house service to our founder, a private investment group based in Jersey. The group required a specialist administration service focussed on quality of output, responsiveness and a willingness to work until deadlines were met, all at a fixed and transparent cost.

Today, our knowledgeable team of experienced professionals provide a service focussed on these same key areas to an international client base of private clients, businesses and asset managers.

Here is an overview of how we got to where we are today:

To date

To date

Oakbridge now provides Corporate and Fund administration services to a variety of clients with a speciality in the real estate, private equity and venture capital asset classes.



ED Capital and Oakbridge Funds became Oakbridge providing Corporate and Fund administration.



Oakglen (formerly ED Group) launches Oakbridge Funds, which is granted “TCB” and “FSB” licences, with an existing team of fund specialists.



ED Capital granted “TCB” licence and starts servicing third party clients.



ED Group grows substantially with focus on real estate. ED Capital grows along with ED Group. Team of Accountants, Administrators, Analysts and Compliance professionals put in place.



ED Capital incorporated in Jersey to bring in-house the administration requirements of ED Group.



ED Group established as an investment company. Specialises in real estate, technology and capital markets investments.

Why choose Oakbridge?


Oakbridge’s approach was informed by having started life as a client. We have experienced the services we provide so understand the needs of our clients and how best to meet them.

Deadline driven

We are deadline driven, responsive and accurate. We regularly review our performance and develop our processes to maximise efficiency.


We are independent and locally owned and are not affiliated to a bank, private equity or law firm. This allows us to put clients first.

Cost stability

Our transparent pricing structure provides visibility on fees, giving clients stability and security in this knowledge. We fix the cost of as much of our work as possible.


We have independent and stable ownership for the long term. We will not introduce or be influenced by external ownership or funders.


Our carefully selected and highly skilled team of accountants, administrators, analysts and compliance professionals aim to provide the best possible service.


Clients benefit from the efficiencies created by our market leading technology as reporting and regulatory requirements continue to grow.


Our experience combined with our size allows us to provide an agile and flexible approach centred around the wants and needs of our clients.


We recognise our responsibility at work and in the community so are focussed on making positive sustainable, social and environmental impacts for all stakeholders.

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Managing Director - Corporate

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Managing Director - Funds